You can’t get
any closer to
the source

Our products

Direct Source International has its own vision on assortment. We prefer to be the very best in a small selection of products. That is: citrus fruit, grapes and pineapple….>

Our partners

In our view, International partnership means more than business partnership. It’s about feeling, balance and fair sharing…>

Our growers

With a limited number of products, you have the ability to choose growers with care. And so we did. We have found reliable partners after a strict worldwide selection. As companions we share the vision of partnership, excellent product quality, food safety, market demands and transparency…>




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We are cooperating and taking responsibility together. On the one hand we take care of partners in the  production and logistics. On the other hand we help our customers to realize a reliable, profitable product. If both producers and customers are satisfied we have achieved our goal. We as Direct Source have achieved a good feeling, balance and fair sharing. Together we want to look ahead and step forward.

We want to focus on market demands. Together we try to realize what you wish for. We also have a sharp eye on market developments. Even when you try our limits we get it done. This is our nature. And this is what we stand for: excellent product quality, food safety.

Our growers also share our ideas on transparency. It is all about sharing information.

  • Information between the growers and DSI
  • Information between you as customer and our company
  • Information between the growers and you as customer.

Above all we are driven by the fact: honesty is the best policy. We dare to say: if you don’t find what you are looking for here you don’t find it anywhere.