the pleasure
of fresh fruit

Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn

We supply citrus and grapes to you. Year round.

The future

starts today

Loyalty is one of our core values. We value long-term relationships and know that we can perform optimally in an independent environment and position. As a privately-held company, we can make decisions more quickly and do business together with our growers, suppliers and buyers.

The relationships in our network rely on mutual interest and mutual benefit. In the future we will continue to build new business models together. Actively looking to step up supply chain integration and involve retailers in cultivation processes. Increasingly taking on the role of a service provider, in addition to supervising and innovating.

Where we

stand today

In 2011, we embarked on this adventure, with confidence. We wanted to do things differently, better. We wanted to do business together with our growers, suppliers and buyers. In a respectful way. Setting goals and developing concepts together.

Doing what we say and saying what we do. Since then, DSI has shown itself to be an extremely stable, innovative and reliable partner. Something we are very proud of. 



Direct Source International is founded on respect and trust. On many years of experience working in this market and a desire to do things differently. Always focussing on real market needs. Using knowledge to develop new models and ground-breaking cooperation initiatives.

Of, for and by entrepreneurs. With respect for each link in the chain. On a shared ambition, ensuring that everyone benefits. Now and in the future.