Sustainability, take it up to next level!


It’s a theme at the top of the Direct Source International agenda. DSI wants everyone to enjoy fresh, healthy fruit. But ‘healthy’ isn’t just about the vitamins in fruit; it’s also about how the product affects living conditions and the environment.

With this conviction we started in 2021 a partnership with CO2 Correct to determine our footprint. That year we integrated a CO2 icon in the labelling of some of our grape lines, showing that the labelled grapes are being compensated and pushing us one more concrete step forward towards sustainability!

In 2022 we have taken it to an even higher level. We started a new alliance with Climate Neutral Group and PLUS supermarkten for climate neutral certified oranges according to the Climate Neutral Certification programme. With an specified footprint for oranges from the growth to the fresh press juice, we expressed our commitment  to reduce it year by year and compensate   the remaining CO2-emissions. In a comprehensive 8-year plan, we have worked out the measures to reduce 25% of our carbon footprint. This requires a major cooperation between growers, suppliers and buyers to achieve our goal by 2030. A goal that we are happy to take on.

As of September 2022 PLUS supermarkten will be the first supermarket that offers fresh pressed orange juice as climate neutral certified. This means that from the plantation to the press, we have reduced and, where necessary, compensated the CO2 footprint of these oranges.  Naturally, these climate-friendly juiced oranges taste and squeeze even better.

With this we made the next move towards a more healthy world and we are committed to keep moving with more products over time!

Read our climate policy document

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