Our approach

Our approach

We are a fruit supplier in an rapidly changing world. The market is shifting to online sales, and we see new possibilities and openings in the (retail) market.

"Grapes, citrus and pineapples are natural products and cannot be completely directed"

Climate change is bringing new and serious challenges in terms of availability, increasing transparency and a growing demand from Asia. The challenge is getting bigger every day! Nothing is constant, and predicting is difficult. As a service provider we know  the chain and we see it as a challenge to take every day care of our customers. We want to take that extra step to deliver the right product to the right customers.

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience our procurement is very well matched to the availability of the best fruit per region and season. By working closely together with our partners we manage to connect the supply and demand throughout the whole year. This is why we have invested in building and maintaining long-term relationships. We have a well-established network making it possible for us to deliver the best products to the customer and retailer on a daily basis.

More and more people see fruit as a convenience product

We have noticed that customers are asking for more and newer varieties and types and axpect more than just the product at the right price. The whole picture has to be correct; the product, the variety, the packaging, the timing and the taste.

How we work

Together with our partners we discuss the best way to market their product. Our team listens to the demand in the market and looks for the best possibilities. We plan our approach, formulate a plan present it to the growers and then, on agreement, put it into action. We guide the logistics process including custom packaging, monitoring food safety and guarantee on-time delivery. We do this quickly, efficiantly and with a no-nonsense mentality.

No-nonsense mentality
Long lasting relationships
Our network
""Teamwork makes the dreamwork""
Cooperation with Smits Transport and Logistics

Smits Transport and Logistics is our permanent partner for storage, handling and distribution. Including the unloading of containers, unloading of refrigerated goods and collecting orders (order-picking) and distribution throughout whole Europe.

Smits is originally a family business with a local ‘Hoeksche waardse’ mentality which makes it a pleasure to cooperate with.

Quality and food safety

Quality first. Our aim is to deliver all our customers a product of a high quality standard. To guarantee this standard the first priority in every step of the process must be quality and food safety. All our suppliers are GlobalGap certified and Direct Source International is as well Flocert and SKAL certificied. By controlling the whole process from field to almost fork we can guarantee the quality of our delivered goods.

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‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ – African Proverb