Our Story

Our Story

In the past few years Direct Source International has been developed as a steady player in the fruit and vegetable business. We started as a young company and experienced a significant growth in a short amount of time. Success is thanks to the involvement of our customers and growers. Without their commitment and loyalty, we would not have grown as far as we have. The desire to work together is in our DNA, it’s our key to success.

Four men with a dream, and a goal started Direct Source International

We are former colleagues and friends with a no-nonsense mentality and passion: To, with our shared knowledge, experience and relationships we’ve developed over the past years, perform daily in a dynamic fresh produce industry. We are straight forward, we like to keep our promises and expect the same from our suppliers. We aim to work cost efficiently. We moved into an office next to the warehouse of Smits to be located close to the physical storage of the fruit that we trade in: it is important to see, feel, taste and smell the grapes, citrus and pineapples. Only then can you know what you are talking about, you are in control and you can guarantee the quality of the fruit.

Connecting the grower with the customer or retailer

Our concept ‘connecting the grower with the customer or retailer’ is becoming known! Our knowledge of the market and understanding of external factors, is the foundation of our position in the competitive fruit market. We have proved that we are not a one-hit wonder and continue to build our ‘dream-team’. Teamwork and enjoying our daily work is another key to our success!

"We are two years on track and we notice that our approach is paying off"

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and a clear vision of our direction. Retailers and other customers gave us a ‘place’ in the fruit market and growers saw their trust in our company and methods rewarded with good results. Alongside Direct Source International we have introduced a new young company located in Venlo, with its very own specialisme and focus,Direct Fresh International.

Direct Source International is growing!

Direct Source International is growing from an ambitious club to a professional team with a clear focus on the (retail) market. The relationship with our growers is the foundation of our company and loyalty has grown from both sides. Only with the right people the right results can be achieved!

"We stick to our vision!"

As growth continues we remain committed to our vision and continue receive support from retailers and customers as well as our growers. This increase in scale has not affected the way we do business because of our fundamental beliefs.


“We’re building a strong and solid team”.

"We are there!"

The increase in scale, has and may not affect the way we do business because sincere involvement is in our DNA.