Quality and food safety

Quality first. Our aim is to deliver product of a high-quality standard. To guarantee this standard the first priority in every step of the process must be quality and food safety. All our suppliers are GlobalGap certified and Direct Source International is as well Flocert and SKAL certified. By controlling the whole process from field to almost fork we can guarantee the quality of our delivered goods. It all begins at the source. The various growing areas worldwide are visited annually. Growers, packaging stations and trading houses are questioned about their production methods and quality guidelines during these visits. Where necessary, knowledge and experience is shared and the importance of quality emphasized. Of course, all our suppliers are at least Global Gap Certified, many of the packing stations have an IFS and / or BRC certificate.   Upon entry into The Netherlands, all parties are subjected to the statutory KCB inspection. In addition, a seperate control is carried out by an independent inspection agency (D-Quality) to ensure that the batch is suitable for the customers of Direct Source International. In addition to these physical inspections, all products are sampled and analysed by an independent laboratory. The purpose of these analyses is to ensure that a safe and high-quality product is delivered. In order to guarantee its customers that the business processes meet the highest standard, Direct Source International is IFS certified.  IDH / Social Compliance: The quality of a product goes beyond appearance, taste and the absence of residue. Direct Source International attaches great value to the social aspect of the entire chain. With a genuinely well cultivated product, attention is also paid to the producer. The majority of our suppliers have a Social Commpliance vertification such as GRASP.