Sustainable goals

Everything we do has an impact. We are keenly aware of this, but also realise that we can make a positive contribution thanks to our scale. We know that we can be part of the solution. That is why we have formulated three themes for our entire supply chain, initiating projects that focus on the environment, food waste and better living.

Reducing the environmental

Impact of our actions

To help our environment, we initiate and support projects and initiatives that reduce or offset the impact of our actions on the environment. Every day we look at ways to reduce our CO² emissions, search for sustainable packaging methods, and join smart transport initiatives. We are also a driving force behind initiatives to reduce water consumption.


Food waste

Food waste is often related to convenience and abundance. DSI supports projects that fight food waste. We aim to extend the shelf life of our products and do the utmost within the chain to ensure that no fruit is lost prematurely. Planning, coordination and the right crop volumes play an important part in this.

Better living

For everyone

We are the world. That is why we support projects and initiatives that contribute to a better living environment and the health of people in the Netherlands and in the countries where we operate. They contribute to the vitality of our workforce and raise the standard of living. We also like product innovations that improve the working conditions of workers in the fields. In the Netherlands we also focus on a green working environment and the fitness of our workforce.